Vauxhall 10 - First start in 41 years

I’m afraid this is now for sale. Have a look at eBay and you will see – have a bid if you would like to own it. I’m afraid I just don’t have time to do the work (and won’t be hppy with a rough job if I rushed it) so it will have to go. See (click through to ‘the old site’) and also the listing on eBay at (starts 9pm on Wed 24th July 2013).

Thank you to everyone who has looked at this and taken the time to write a nice comment – they really have been appreciated. 🙂

I still own the other Vauxhall 10 and will keep that a while longer as it’s already part restored. If anyone wants to see it, I’ll make a similar video and upload it. My plan to have two Vx10 cars restored to pass on to my two boys will have to wait a while… 🙂

My new project – I bought this in September 2008 as a barn find – it had been stored in a barn for over 40 years. This is the first time anyone has attempted to run it, note the 6V electrical system being boosted by a 12V jump pack – OK for short periods if the 6V battery is good.

The fuel system is still unproven at this point, so running was achieved by pouring a small amount of fuel directly down the carburettor – there’s no reason why it shouldn’t fire up straight away in normal use, but here it presumably starts out flooded. Oh the joys of carburettored engines!